Before turf laid:  

  After turf installation:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_444.jpg
  Bunbury cricket oval:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_446.jpg
  Fountain before going in lake:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_448.jpg
  Fountain in lake about to be switched on:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_449.jpg
  Fountain on:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_450.jpg
  Fountain on:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_501.jpg
  Market garden irrigation system 50 acres:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_452.jpg
  Muchea Fire station fast fill set up:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_222.jpg
  Muchea fire station fast fill set up:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_224.jpg
  Solenoid manifold (domestic):    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_262.jpg
  Paddock fixed point irrigation:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_520.jpg
  Paddock fixed point irrigation:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_521.jpg
  Solar pumping system:    Ryan_Taylor_Pictures_544.jpg